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Leaf Solution: Gutter Guard Designed To Block The SMALLEST Debris

Unique Three-Seam Design Blocks More Debris. Tested To Withstand Hurricane-Level Downpours, Perfectly Complements Any Gutters & Home

Gutter guards are a dime a dozen in the St. Louis metro area, so finding different brands and styles is easy.

But finding gutter guards that actually work? That’s the hard part.

Pretty much every style of gutter guard has a weakness—an Achilles’ Heel that poses problems for homeowners who install them…

  • Typical mesh-screen gutter guards clog quickly because they lie flat.
  • The bristles on brush gutter guards are prone to “gunk” buildup.
  • Perforated metal gutter guards aren’t especially great at blocking the small stuff like pine needles and seeds.
  • And, since they’re solid, hooded gutter guards can’t handle the water flow of especially heavy downpours.
So is there any gutter protection that actually does what it’s supposed to?

Yes… Leaf Solution!

Leaf Solution combines the strengths of multiple styles of gutter guard, while eliminating all the problems.

  • Its heavy-duty, medical-grade stainless-steel micromesh screen keeps out any and all debris. No leaves, no needles, no seeds—not even a single speck of shingle grit—can penetrate Leaf Solution’s screen. And since it’s made of stainless steel, it will never rust, rot, or breakdown.
  • The sloped nature of Leaf Solution prevents debris buildup common with flat-lying gutter guards. Most debris is easily pushed off by wind and rainfall.
  • An exclusive multiple in-seam design handles the heaviest rainfall. The three seams are capillary breaks that slow down and divert water. This creates more time for the water to enter the gutter, thus preventing water from running over and spilling onto the ground near your home.

What Leaf Solutions Keeps Out

Gets Rid Of

Leaves, pine needles, dirt, seeds, shingle debris, nests, pests pollen, oak tassels.

What Leaf Solution Lets In

Simple…. Water

A Gutter Guard That Looks Great & Lasts Long

Some gutter guards require you to replace your entire gutter system. Other gutter guards require installation that voids your roof’s warranty.

Leaf Solution has neither of these problems. It’s easily installed over your current gutters and leaves your roof’s warranty intact. This makes Leaf Solution one of the most affordable and practical gutter guards in the St. Louis metro area.

Not only that, but Leaf Solution looks great on any home. A low-profile design makes it practically invisible from the ground. It’s manufactured in six beautiful colors: white, black, mill, brown, almond, and bronze. And it comes with attractive accessories like matching inside miters and end caps that further enhance Leaf Solution’s water-collecting capabilities.

Leaf Solution is an American-made gutter guard backed by two TRUE peace-of-mind warranties. The first is a 20-Year Warranty on materials that covers product failure, chipping, and blistering. The second is our own personal Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. If any installation-related issues ever occur, your charge is $0.00. Period.

Say “Goodbye” To Cleaning Your Gutters

Clogged gutters can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage to your home. To prevent this, experts recommend cleaning your gutters once every six months.

But let’s face it: Sticking your hand in gutter sludge for hours on end isn’t a pleasant way to spend a couple weekends a year. Not to mention cleaning your gutters can be dangerous—climbing a rickety ladder and traversing your roof is a slip-and-fall accident just begging to happen.

Leaf Solution keeps your gutters clear and free-flowing for you. No more clogs. No more cleaning. No more risk of water damage.


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